Complete Steps of BKF Repair Software

STEP 1 - Go to Start » All Programs » SysTools BKF Repair

Open BKF Repair Software

STEP 2 - click the Browse button:

Features Of BKF Repair

STEP 3 - Select the Windows Backup (.BKF) file. Click the Open button

Select BKF File

STEP 4 - Scanning mode and click the Scan button - Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Range Based Scan

Process Of BKF Repair

STEP 5 - Save these extracted files as well as folders from corrupted BKF files

Range Based Scan

STEP 6 - Select the destination location


STEP 7 - Select destination location and click the OK button

STEP 8 - Extract at original location or extract at selected location

STEP 9 -

STEP 10 - Extraction and saving backup file you will get the successful notification with exact path location