Windows Backup Recovery Tool - Extract Corrupt BKF Data!

Windows backup recovery for corrupt BKF file can be perfectly executed with our small sized and smart utility. In the form of BKF Recovery software, we have assembled a set of foolproof algorithms and a simplified interface together so that complete solution to salvage Windows BKF data is rendered to you.

  • Repair BKF File that Fails to Restore and Reverts Error Messages
  • Multiple Scanning Modes Offered to Recover Data from BKF File
  • Helps to Restore XP Backup File in Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 OS
  • Extract File (s) and Folder (s) in their Original Format on Machine
  • Repair BKF File Created Using VERITAS and NTBackup Utility
  • Search Required File within the Recovered Items from the BKF File
  • Supports Windows Backup Recovery for any Size of BKF File

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Key Features: Tool to Repair Corrupt Windows Backup File!

Location to Save Data

The recovered data can be restored at desired location. There are two options available to choose from for defining location to save recovered data:
» Select a Location : You can choose a location of your choice to save the data recovered from Windows backup file. The data can be saved in any of the partition on machine: Internal or external.
» Original Location : This works if the BKF is restored on same machine where it was created. If this is opted, the recovered data will get saved on the same location where it was saved at the time of backing up.

Multiple Modes to Scan BKF File

To scan the selected BKF file and recover data from it, there are three different options available in the tool that can be adopted as per requirement.
» Quick Scan :- If the file is expected to have minor inconsistency, choose this option to scan the BKF file.
» Deep Scan :- For major issues restricting successful restoration of BKF file, this option is added in the tool.
» Range Based Scan :- If a portion of data has to be extracted from BKF file, this scanning mode is the best.

Preview of Recovered Data

The BKF file scanning is followed by previewing of backup data. The folders in the BKF file are displayed at the left size of the preview pane in a hierarchical form. Selecting the folder will give a view of files saved in it at the right side of the pane.

Extraction at File/Folder Level

The tool to extract selective files and folders of the backup file. Enabling the check boxes for files or folders in the preview pane allows restoring selected files from the BKF file. If entire backup data has to be restored, choose the "Extract" option from the menu bar.

Recover Data from Corrupt BKF

The software is developed with the potential to restore data from BKF file that is in corrupt state. It retrieves all file (s) & folder (s) in their original format. Documents, images, music, & other type of items can be extracted using this Windows based MS backup restore tool.

Search For Specific File

When software lists all the recovered files and if user is not able to find for the particular file then with the help of Search Box user can add the name of the specific file or the extension and find it. Helps to easily search for a particular file among the bulk of available bkf files.

BKF Recovery Software: Trial Opportunity

To give an idea about how to repair corrupt Windows backup file by using this tool, its free version is made available to you. With the freeware tool, the backup data can be recovered and previewed. The final action, i.e. extracting the BKF contents is restricted in the demo version of the tool and is activated with the activation key.

Technical Insights:

1: The tool gives the facility to recover MS backup database on all versions of Windows Operating System. Meanwhile, the state of BKF is not a matter of concern with the tool. Even a corrupt BKF file can be added for recovery that is reverting back with errors while restoration.

2: The software extracts data from the BKF file and restores it in the original format. The BKF file created with the Windows built-in NTBackup or third party VERITAS Exec utility can be recovered with the tool.